The Test

Please answer the following questions
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How old are you?
What is your typical mood? (100 words)
Please explain your day: I wake up, brush my teeth, and so on. (100 words)
Do you dream about being wealthy?
Do you have a job?
1 out of 5
How long have you worked at your current job?
Have you ever been fired?
Did you ever leave a job? If so, why? (100 words)
If you lost your job tomorrow, would it make a major impact on your life? (100 words)
Please explain your definition of wealth? (100 words)
2 out of 5
Have you ever started a business before?
Would you consider the business a success or failure?
Please explain why you consider the business a success of failure? (100 words)
Please explain what you do when you have a good idea? (100 words)
Has anyone ever said you will never be able to reach your goals?
3 out of 5
How did someone saying you will never reach your goals effect you? (100 words)
If you found a man wearing a suit crying about losing a contract, what would you do? (100 words)
If you found a child crying that they couldn’t find their mother, what would you do? (100 words)
If someone gave you a million dollars today, what would you do with it? (100 words)
What are 3 positive aspects about you? (100 words)
4 out of 5
What are 3 negative aspects about you? (100 words)
Do you think you are a hard worker? (100 words)
If there was a quicker way to reach a goal, but it required more effort, do you take it? (100 words)
If someone gave you an opportunity to work with Paul Szyarto directly to build your business would you be committed?
Please provide your definition of commitment. (100 words)
5 out of 5