What Hack
Mentors Sell

trap trap

Hack Mentors Prey
on the Weak

The mouse is weak and content with scraps while the lion hunts for opportunity and determines destiny.

No Longer
Will You Be Uninformed

Not All Mentorship Is the Same

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No More Bullshit... Its Time To Focus On Results.

The Reality

Building success requires hard work

No one cares if you succeed and most hope you fail

Success begins with a methodology


of mentees have succeeded.
They All Followed the Process.
On June 04 It's Your Turn

Online Learning Modules & Cases

  • 1 full day of learning, June 04
  • 12 Learning modules developing the 4 phase growth process
  • Introduction to the 90 Day transformation and Growth Program
  • Cohort accountability
  • 1 on 1 Progress Review

Heritage Business Center, 2325 Heritage Center Drive, Suite 113, Furlong, PA, 18925

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12 Progressive Modules Implemented over 90 Days

Learning Plan

Module 1: Mindset Rules
Module 2: Quantifying Your Time
Module 3: Quantifying Your Wealth
Module 4: Redefine Baseline
Module 5: Vision Definition
Module 6: Impact Definition
Module 7: Ideation
Module 8: Market Reach
Module 9: Pricing / Competition
Module 10: Resources & Operational Adjustments
Module 11: Raising Capital / Mergers
Module 12: Attitude


Pricing Plans


for Military
1 Time Payment

Enrollment: $800


For Accepted
1 Time Payment

Enrollment: $1000

Do you qualify?

are not here
to waste time.
The program is highly selective and requires qualification to gain access to.
4 Steps to Success
Submit the below form. Within the form you are testing your level of business maturity on a proprietary scale. If you score a qualifying level, you will progress to the next step.
The interview. We want to know who you are & understand your commitment to reaching a new level of success.
Selection. Our team shortlists candidates for review by Paul Szyarto. Paul alone will decide who will be selected. If you are selected, get ready to organize and execute your plan to succeed.
Making the promise to succeed. If Paul is making a commitment to work with you, there is only a single rule he requires. Don’t quit.


You will have a plan
You will build confidence
You will achieve goals
You will become a leader
Others will envy you

Lets Begin

The following set of questions is setup to learn about who you are, what your intentions are, how well you define goals, if you are capable of reaching goals, and simply, are you going to waste our time.
Our mentorship program isn’t a system you buy that contains 64 steps of bullshit that will not work and only waste your time. Our mentorship program is designed to integrate you into the team and to learn through case based models how to succeed. It will require hard work. Really hard work. If you think you are ready, submit the test below.

Already Qualified

You have passed the test, your application is approved, and you seem to be willing to commit to achieving your goals?