500 Safety Kits Donated To New Britain Baptist Food Pantry

A Bucks County private equity firm donated 500 safety kits to the New Britain Baptist Church Food Pantry, the group announced Wednesday.

The safety kits include masks, sanitizers, and wipes for one person over one month, according to a news release. Volunteers will distribute donations to those in need in the community.

“We at New Britain Baptist Church Food Pantry want all of our guests to feel they are being treated with dignity and respect,” Cindy Field, director of the food pantry, said. “Asking for help is hard, and we make it a point each day to show them we are here to help.”

The private equity firm PS Group Holdings, which specializes in business and technology, said it made the donation as a part of its mission statement of “building strong communities.”

“At our company, we believe that one of the most important things in life is community,” CEO Paul Szyarto said. “We’re so grateful to have the opportunity to give back and we’re thankful for everyone who makes this possible.”

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