Khalia Deborah Inspires and Empowers at Delaware Valley University’s “I am…” Women’s Summit

There are plenty of people in the world who will tell a person why they can’t do something; whether that “something” is founding a startup or, launching a nonprofit. Dressed in a bold, bright yellow suit Khalia Deborah took the stage at Delaware Valley University on Sunday, April 14 to help counteract the negative comments people often hear when they want to chase a bold goal.

“Whatever box someone has put you in, you’re more than that,” she told the audience. “It is our responsibility with our actions to show the world who we are.”

After landing a job that made other people proud of her before she even graduated from college, Deborah found herself “crying at 5 a.m.” because she hated it. She ended up leaving that job to take some time for herself and change directions.

“I had to learn who I was,” said Deborah of that transformational time in her life. “I had to ask myself who God created me to be because this person I had created for myself was not me.”

Deborah said she started “shedding” everything that became attached to her that “wasn’t her” including old mindsets, perspectives, and even relationships.

She started speaking to groups, mentoring other women, and helping parents by reaching out to their daughters to provide support.

Today, she is a certified life coach at Khalia Deborah Coaching, as well as, the leader of the Dreams to Founder Movement. Through one-on-one coaching, workshops, conferences and empowering speaking, she uses what she has learned to empower and challenge women to pursue their own authentic goals.

“I help people take that dream, that career, that business that you want to work for and I help you get it,” said Deborah.

Deborah told the audience that if they take away one thing from her story it should be that, “life and business are about service.”

“Life is about serving,” said Deborah. “Create a solution; go serve and you will always have a seat at the table.”

After the “Dreams to Founder” keynote presentation, there were interactive sessions on topics such as imposter syndrome, finances, social media, body image, wellness, and obtaining career success.

Sessions Included:

  • “Dreams to Founder Workshop,” presented by Khalia Deborah.
  • “Dropping the Perfect Mask,” presented by Jeane Vidoni, president and CEO of Penn Community Bank.
  • “The Importance of Self-Care,” presented by Tamara Monroe, Monroe Foundation for Youth founder, therapist, and DelVal counseling psychology faculty member.
  • “Imposter Syndrome,” presented by Dr. Marsha Richardson, a clinical psychologist and a senior lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • “Be Your Own Publicist,” presented by Briauna Taylor, Integrity Staffing Solutions community outreach specialist.
  • “Wealth Over Now,” presented by Keina Newell, Wealth Over Now founder.
  • “Nice for What: Bragging 101 and Why it Gets You That Next Opportunity,” presented by Morgan Reid, a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania who is studying counseling and mental health services.
  • “Body Love and Identity,” presented by Allison Blair Snyder, SoulRev Co. founder.
  • “Obtaining Career Success in Your Early 20s,” presented by Ashley Mikulsky ’11, regional advancement officer at Alvernia University.
  • “Seizing the Opportunity to be an Educated Woman: A Debt of Honor,” presented by Dr. Laura Viel, a local Pre-K through 12, higher education educator, and DelVal Doctor of Education alumna; Courtney Wood, a local educator and manager at Global Hope Alliance; Megan McVeigh Maciolek, an Amazon senior program manager; Ifeoma Aduba, principal at The Mudita Collective; and Michelle Glitzer ’20, a 2019 Watson Scholar and DelVal business administration student who is specializing in marketing.
  • “Yoga for Breathing and Relaxation,” presented by Dr. Courtnee-Jordan Cox, a yoga instructor.
  • “Bring YOU to the Interview,” presented by DelVal Assistant Dean of Student Development Kelly Hojnacki and DelVal Director of Career Services Stacy Moore.
  • “Home Buying 101,” presented by Trina Singleton, a real estate professional.
  • “Life is an On-going Process,” presented by Safiya Washington ’17, a writer.
  • “Emerging Self,” Renew, Evolve, and Lead (REAL),” presented by Carmen Eichmann-Dorr, an English instructor.
  • “Krav Maga Self Defense Workshop,” presented by Paul Szyarto and Chris George.
  • “Self-Care, Silent Sexism, and Success: Confronting Covert Sexism and Navigating Professional Settings,” presented by Emily Sjogren and Brendan Barca, DelVal graduate counseling psychology students.
  • “Perception is Reality: Building a Brand that Speaks to Your Target Market,” presented by Melissa Wieczorek, DelVal business administration faculty member and founder and managing partner at Zest Culinary Services.

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