The African Entrepreneurship Award On-boards Paul Szyarto As A Jury Member

Paul Szyarto is an American businessman who makes entrepreneurship look easy. With more than 17 years of executive experience, Mr. Szyarto has started 9 diverse businesses in areas including management consulting, software development and sales, construction management, banking lead generation, social marketing, printing solutions, and community development, which still flourish today with activities taking place in more than 32 countries. His experience is not only in business creation, but also in keeping his businesses alive and making money. The operations of the businesses he has managed have exceeded $200 million, providing this global entrepreneur diverse management skills. While Mr. Szyarto has released five of his companies from his direct governance, he is still an active, executive member in the other four, which include DELCON and The Project Group. He holds multiple management degrees and certificates from institutions including Oxford University and the Wharton School of Business.

Paul Szyarto –
“I really wanted to understand the real impact they were trying to achieve; how concrete was the idea; how much true effort they put into this. Were they just coming out to receive money at an amazing award or was this truly a viable business that can have a true impact on Africa? I figure that out by looking at the financials and business objectives. Most of all I looked at the entrepreneur to see inside of them to see were they truly passionate about what they were trying to achieve.”

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